Import Relationships via CSV


Go to your Relationship section. Select ‘Import Relationships’.

The following popup will appear.

Download the import template.

Fill in the required fields.


Re-upload the spreadsheet and you are done!

For the company type field TradeGecko accepts three-
Business, Consumer and Supplier. If you enter any other nomenclature into that field or leave it blank, it won’t upload.

The Import CSV Columns

The following are the list of attributes found in the csv template, along with what is required in those fields.


Indicate your customer/business/supplier's name

Email Address

Add the customer/business/supplier's preferred email address


Add the customer/business/supplier's official website

Company Code

Assign a company code for the customer/business/supplier

Company Type

Indicate the company type

Phone Number / Fax

Add the customer/business/supplier's office phone and fax numbers

Tax Number

Indicate the customer/business/supplier's tax number

Company Description

Add the customer/business/supplier's description here


Add notes on this free form field.

Assignee (Assigned Team Member)

Set the email address of the TradeGecko User/Team Member assigned to the customer/business/supplier. Example:

Default Payment Term

Set the payment term. Example: NET10

Default Tax Type

Assign the default tax type. Example: Sales/Purchase Tax

Default Price List

Assign the default price list. Example: Retail/Wholesale

Default Ledger Account

Assign the ledger account set-up between TG and Xero.

Contact Name / Phone Number / Email Address / Position / Fax / Notes / Mobile

These fields are meant for the customer/business/supplier's main contact person's details.

Contact B2B eCommerce 

This column invites contacts to your B2B eCommerce store. If you input TRUE, TradeGecko will invite your contacts; if you set it to FALSE, nothing will happen. To add contacts individually, you can do so by going to B2B> Customers and make edits to the contacts' access to your B2B store. The default for the column is set to FALSE. 

Shipping / Billing Address

Add the customer/business/supplier's Shipping and Billing addresses.

If you are located in the EU, you may face an error when you export csv from TradeGecko and open in Excel. This is because Excel in the EU searches for semicolons whereas in Singapore and other regions, Excel searches for commas. Pro tip: on Excel, format the commas to semicolons or vice versa depending on your needs.
Encoding your CSV files with UTF-8 to help prevent errors
If you use non-english or special characters within your CSV files, using the UTF-8 format will help to prevent processing errors when uploading to TradeGecko.
Please refer to this article for guidance on how-to encode your CSV files using the UTF-8 format.
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