Bigcommerce- Integration Sync Guide

BigCommerce integration is no longer under active development. Please have a look at our other E-commerce integrations.

A few things to note after Integration...

Once you have completed integrating your Bigcommerce account with TradeGecko you will notice a few things have changed on your Bigcommerce account.

A category named ‘TradeGecko’ would automatically have been created on your Bigcommerce account. This category is automatically set as hidden, so it won’t show up on the customer’s store menu.

This category is created because in order for TradeGecko to publish a new product to Bigcommerce, a category is required. TradeGecko does not currently allow users to choose which category they want to place their products in, therefore all newly published products in TradeGecko will fall under this default category.

The user has the option to then go into his Bigcommerce account and update the product’s category.

On the customers’ Bigcommerce account,  an Option Set named TradeGecko will also be created. All new options that will be created by TradeGecko will use this option set.

Next, let’s take a look at how the orders and order statuses function between TradeGecko and Bigcommerce.

Creating Products and Variants on TradeGecko and syncing to Bigcommerce

In order for products and variants to be created properly in TradeGecko, SKUs are required. If done incorrectly, product creation would fail but users can then check the channel logs to see how they can fix the error.

1.On TradeGecko, you can create multiple variants of the same product with  different retail prices but in Bigcommerce, only one retail price can be assigned to a product.

Example 1

You have a product in TradeGecko with multiple variants and each of the variants prices different retail prices.


When the user publishes that product to Bigcommerce, TradeGecko will pick the variant with highest price and assign its price to the Bigcommerce product.

2.On TradeGecko, a user can assign any `product_type` to a product but on Bigcommerce, there are only 2 product types - “physical” and “digital”.

Example 2

On TG you may have set up your product with the  product type: “Toys”.


When you then  publish it in Bigcommerce, the product type will automatically be reflected as “physical”.

Statuses that Sync between Bigcommerce and TradeGecko


Status on Bigcommerce

Appears in TradeGecko as



Order with Shipped fulfillments


‘Awaiting Fulfilment/ Awaiting Shipment/ Awaiting Pickup’

Order with Packed fulfillments



Order with Fulfilled status and paid payments


Orders updated in Bigcommerce as “Completed”

Status will be reflected as fulfilled


Orders already created in TradeGecko and updated in Bigcommerce to “Shipped”.

If a fulfilment has not been created, TradeGecko will create a Shipped Fulfilment.


Orders already created in TradeGecko and updated in Bigcommerce to "Awaiting Fulfilment"/ "Awaiting Shipment"/ "Awaiting Pickup".

Packed fulfillments will be created if no fulfillments are created yet


Orders already created in TradeGecko  updated on Bigcommerce to“Completed” status.

Shipped fulfillments will be created on TradeGecko if fulfillments have not  yet been created.

Paid payments will be created if payments have not yet been created.


Orders on Bigcommerce that have been synced and then are cancelled.

The orders will be voided on TradeGecko.

Statuses on Bigcommerce that do not sync with TradeGecko

  1. Incomplete
  2. Pending
  3. Cancelled
  4. Declined
  5. Manual Verification Required
  6. Disputed
If you would like to:

  • Set up a separate price-list on TradeGecko to be used in Bigcommerce
  • Set a different location on TradeGecko to be used in Bigcommerce

It’s possible! Contact us for more information.

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