Create a Sales Order


To create a sales order click go to the Sales Order section and select New Sales Order.

This will bring you to the New Sales Order page.

Select the customer from the dropdown box. If the customer is not listed, you will need to create a new customer.

Select your customer’s billing and shipping addresses,  If your customer has only one address, it will automatically be filled in for both fields.

Select the address you want to ship products from.

Enter information in the following fields.

  1. The Order number is automatically generated by TradeGecko, but can be changed if required.
  2. The Reference (Number) may be the Customer’s Purchase Order number.
  3. The Shipment Date is when you need to have the stock delivered
  4. Prices are selected are either Tax Inclusive or Exclusive.

Once you have filled in those fields, start adding products into your Sales Order by either typing in the variant name or the SKU.

Choose the Variant from the dropdown list.

Once you have selected a customer for this order, TradeGecko will suggest to you orders that were most commonly ordered by this customer is the past. 

Enter the ordered quantity. You may also add another variant to the Sales Order, if required.

Enter the tax rate and the discount, if applicable. TradeGecko will automatically calculate the total.

You can also add extra charges to the Sales Order. To do this, click on ‘Add a custom line item’. This is great to add charges such as shipping, handling and delivery fees, labels, etc.  You can enter a quantity, price, discount and tax rate (if any).

Enter any notes that you need to make and click on "Create" to save it. This will bring the Sales Order into 'Active' mode. This should bring you to a new page where the active Sales Order is visible.

If you are not ready to create the sales order, you can opt to "Save Quote".  The status will be saved as 'Draft'.

If you have batch tracked products, click on this article to find out how to add batches to your sales orders.

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