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Your team is going to need access to your TradeGecko account in the course of their work. Not only does TradeGecko allow you to easily grant them access but it also enables you to customize their experience based on what they need.

With User Permissions, your team members will be able to use TradeGecko exactly as they need to see it. Salespeople, product managers and retail managers can all have different experiences and only deal with exactly what is required. This customises the user experience based on role and ensures greater data security for your business.

Let's start with inviting your team members to your account.

Inviting Team Members

Only Primary Account Owners may add and invite new Team Members. If you are on the Small Business Plan you will be limited to 5 users. If you are on the Business Plan you may add up to 8 users. If you are on the Premium Plan you may add up to 15 users and on TradeGecko Pro Plan you will have unlimited number of users. You can also add on users to your plan at a fixed rate per month. Please contact our Success Team to learn more about your subscription.

In the Account Settings> Company Details> Team Members


Click on ‘Invite Another Team Member’.  A dialogue box will appear.

Enter the Team Member’s first and last names and his/her email address.

Click on ‘Send Invitation’.

A message will appear to confirm that the email has been sent to the new team member.

Your team member will need to click on the ‘Join your team’ link in the email sent to him/her.

You can now view the new Team Member in the list.

If your team member did not receive the email, you can click on ‘Resend Invitation’ located under the Team Member’s name and avatar.

Editing User Profiles

Once you’ve set up your team you can edit their profile information.

Once again editing the User Profile may only be done by the primary account owner.

In order to make any changes to the User Profile;

Browse the Account Settings dialogue box and choose 'Team Members' from the menu bar.

Click on the profile you wish to edit.

In the following page,there are three columns;


User Name and Personal Details

Under this column  you will be able to edit the team member's Profile picture Name, Location, and phone numbers.

Email Settings

Email settings allows you to choose which emails, reports and notifications are sent to your users.

The Action Item Email notifies users when actions are required from them.

Next, learn more about user permissions followed by advanced user permissions

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