Zapier- Integration Setup Guide

Don’t spend another minute on mindless repetitive tasks! Installing Zapier on your TradeGecko account allows you to automate tasks and move your data from one platform to another easily.

Let’s get started.

For the TradeGecko-Zapier integration you will only be able manage your zaps on your Zapier account. This means that once you have completed this installation process, you will have to log in to your Zapier account to manage your zaps.

On your main app manager, click on Apps to access your app store.

Scroll down to ‘Add-ons’ and click on the installation icon for Zapier.

A popup will appear, prompting you to begin the installation process. Click on ‘Install TradeGecko Zapier App’ to begin installing.

You will then be redirected to the following invitation page:

Click the orange button to ‘Accept Invite & Go To Dashboard’. You will then be redirected to your Zapier Dashboard.

Click on 'Make a New Zap' at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Let’s take a second to pause here and go through how you can use zaps with TradeGecko.

You can create zaps between TradeGecko and a plethora of different platforms. These zaps can perform triggers that either:

Send data from TradeGecko regarding news addresses, contact, invoices, fulfillments and procurements that were created on TradeGecko to other apps.


Create new companies, contacts and address in TradeGecko using data that is triggered from other apps.

For now, zaps that trigger data from other apps will only apply to the Relationships section on your TradeGecko account.

Comprende? Alright, now we can carry on with setting up that first zap:)

In this example we will look at:

Creating a Zap for Auto-subscribing TradeGecko Contacts to MailChimp Mailing List

This means that each time a new contact is submitted on TradeGecko, a new subscriber will be added to your MailChimp Mailing List.

Here’s how:

In your Zapier account you will be able to choose a trigger and a corresponding action.

Step 1

Choose TradeGecko as the Trigger App

Next select ‘New Contact’ as the Trigger.

Step 2

Select MailChimp As the App under Action.

Next Add/Update Subscriber as the Action for MailChimp. 

You will then need to Set up your MailChimp Subscriber.

A popup will appear prompting you to select the organisation that Zapier may access on your TradeGecko account. Select your organisation and then click on ‘Authorize’.

You will then need to test the connection with your TradeGecko Account.


Once your test was successful you will be prompted to turn on your App. 

Turn your App on.

Your Zap is ready to be used. 

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