Purchase Orders Overview


Every Purchase Order (PO) created in your inventory will display one of the following statuses. Below is a depiction of how the life cycle of a Purchase Order progresses.


The draft stage is an optional status that you can apply to your PO. Its very useful if you want to note tentative purchase orders. This means that the order has not been made yet and there is no change to your stock level.

At this stage orders will not be reflected in your incoming stock. You will also be able to edit the PO entirely.

Once you are ready to begin receiving your PO go ahead and Approve the order. The order status will then change to ‘Active’.


The Active stage is where you will begin to receive the goods in your Purchase Order. You can choose to partially receive purchase orders or receive all the goods. You can also add landed costs to your received delivery if required.

If your TradeGecko account is integrated with an accounting software such as QuickBooks or XERO, your data will be synced over at this stage.

The PO will also be reflected in your stock reports as Incoming.

At this stage you are able to edit all parts of the order, such as the quantity of stock received (partially or in full), adding landed costs and voiding it. Let's look at an example here: 

You will realise that you can view the backorders related to this purchase order and its history too. If you click on the tabs, you will see more information like this: 

You can also clone orders. An example when cloning an order is very useful is when you place the same order for the same quantity of goods monthly. Instead of creating a new PO monthly, you can just clone the order and save time! 

Once you received all your goods, your PO status will then progress to ‘Received’.


At this stage all your goods have been received and your stock levels would have increased. The PO is not editable in this final stage.

You may Print and Save the PO if you need to. Follow the instructions here to do so. 


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