How do I Use Bulk Actions?

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We’ve “bulked” up the ways you can interact with your TradeGecko account! Literally. Bulk action features are available on four segments of your account.

Here are a few ways you can use bulk actions for each segment.

Inventory and Relationships


In inventory you can use the Bulk Actions feature to Bulk Disable or Delete the selected products.

You can also bulk Publish or Unpublish variants of your product to your desired sales channel.

Sales Orders


For sales orders you are able filter between Orders, Invoices and Shipments.


Alternatively, you can select all orders and then select Invoice under Bulk Actions. The orders that are ready for invoicing will then be automatically selected. Orders that are not ready will be skipped over.

You will be able to Finalize, Create Invoices, Pack and Ship all selected sales orders.

Stock Control

The bulk action feature allows you to manage the movement of your stock for multiple products. This means you will be able to manage your purchases, stock transfers between warehouses, and stock adjustments for multiple products and variants at the same time.

Bulk Company Updating


Bulk Company Updating allows you to update different relationship groups in Bulk.

Click on the Relationships tab on the menu bar on the left side of the page.

Select the relationship group (such as suppliers or business) you wish to update.

Click on the Bulk Action dropdown box. You will be able to update your customers in bulk, disable them, or delete them.

The number of options you can update depends on the relationship group selected. For example;

If you decide to perform a Bulk Update for your Businesses, the following dialogue box will appear once you click on ‘Update’;

You can update the seven fields shown above for all selected Businesses.

If you wish to update your Suppliers, you will be allowed to update four fields as shown below.

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