ShipStation- Sync Guide

Here's an overview of how the TradeGecko-ShipStation integration works. 


  • TradeGecko provides a feed of Finalised, Fulfilled, Deleted & Void orders to Shipstation
  • Shipstation checks the feed approximately twice a day but you can trigger a manual sync whenever you want from the Shipstation top navigation bar
  • When you ship an order in ShipStation, you have to check the "Notify Marketplace?" option
  • A shipment is created in TradeGecko, matching the details in ShipStation
  • When a fulfilment is created on ShipStation, the order on TradeGecko will be updated as packed and fulfilled too
  • TradeGecko syncs Bin Locations to ShipStation

Important Notes

  • All weights in TradeGecko are treated as grams.
  • ShipStation does not handle decimal quantities in line items.
  • Tax is not synced to ShipStation.
  • Shipping Costs are not managed between the systems. TradeGecko tracks the shipping cost that you charge a customer while ShipStation tracks the actual cost that you pay.
  • ShipStation doesn't support split shipments.
  • ShipStation doesn't notify 3rd party applications eg TradeGecko when a shipment is voided or deleted. You will have to manually void or delete the corresponding shipment in TradeGecko as well. 
  • ShipStation automatically changes the delivery to Courier and syncs the tracking number.
  • Shipping charges do not sync with TradeGecko.

3rd Party Sales Channel

  • Given that you integrate any of the 3rd party sales channel app with TradeGecko eg Shopify, the order created would first be pushed to TradeGecko before it's pushed to ShipStation. Likewise, any update from ShipStation would be pushed to TradeGecko before it gets pushed to the corresponding sales channels.
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