Set up Price Breaks

A reduction in price, usually pertaining to orders made in bulk are known as price breaks. Let's use a USB adapter as an example to make it clearer.

Example: You are a wholesaler for USB adapters. Your wholesale customers mainly fall into 2 categories, taking into consideration quantity and price.

Category 1
Customers in this category tend to buy between 1-20 USB adapters. For these customers, you wish to sell each adapter at 10USD.

Category 2

Customers in this category buy between 21-25 adapters. For these customers who buy in greater bulk, you may want to sell at a lower price per pair; 5USD

This means that when an order contains more than 20 units, the price should drop automatically. Possible? Absolutely. Here are the steps you need to take to get this up and running.

Go to Inventory > Price Lists and click on Create New Price List.


Fill in the fields using following format exactly. Refer to the screenshot below*

Price List Name: SALE (the range of the quantity of products to fall within this Price Break, in numerics)

Price List Type: Choose Sell so it is available on Sales Orders.

Code: Exactly the same as in the Pirce List Name field.

If you wish to set up wholesale price breaks simply enter WHOLESALE into the fields instead of SALE. 

Click Save.

You can then create the price break for the next range: in this case 20-25.


Click Create Price List.

Finally you will need to create a Price List to cater to quantities that fall beyond these two ranges, ie; for orders of more than 25 USB adapters.

Once again create a Price List and for the Name and Code fields enter the SALE, with no numerical range attached. Click save

Next go into your Inventory and click to edit the variant for the USB adapter.

You will see the price lists that you just created. Enter the prices you wish to have for each range.


Click Save Changes.

The price breaks have now been set up for the USB adapter.

Now, when you create a Sales Order for the USB adapter select the Price Break that you created from the dropdown selection for Price Lists first.

Then, when you insert the quantity for the order, the price will change according to the Price Break you created.

Currently, automatic price breaking is not available in our B2B store.
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