Amazon FAQs

1. Use the following article to integrate Amazon and TradeGecko.

2. Which Amazon Marketplaces do we support?

  • (United States)
  • (Canada)
  • (United Kingdom)
  • (Germany)
  • (Spain)
  • (France)
  • (Italy)
  • (Mexico)
  • (Australia)

3. What if my country is not listed?

  • Apologies, your country will not be supported for now. Stay tuned for updates!

4. How do I import my products after integrating?

  • You will have two options, manual and automatic

4.A. What happens when I select Automatic import?

  • A request is made to Amazon MWS to generate an inventory report (CSV)
  • Once the report is ready, the product import job is run on the background
  • New products are created unless the Amazon Product name already exists in TradeGecko

4.B. What happens when I select Manual import?

  • Nothing. It simply means that you will manually match your Amazon SKUs to your TradeGecko SKUs.
  • Use this option if you do not want to push your products from Amazon to TradeGecko.
  • Or, if you already have your products in TradeGecko.
  • And to avoid duplication if the above statement is true.

5. What are the requirements for Stock Level Sync to work?

  • SKUs are both existing in TradeGecko and Amazon.
  • The Amazon product/variant should be ‘Merchant-fulfilled’ and NOT ‘Fulfilled by Amazon(FBA)’
  • In TradeGecko, the 'Manage stock levels' should be set to true (checked)
  • 'Manage stock levels' can be located by editing a variant and going to 'Stock'

In short, the TradeGecko-Amazon syncs orders from both MFN and FBA but only pulls stock levels from FBA whereas stock levels are pushed to MFN. To manage stock levels on FBA, do a stock transfer on Amazon from MFN warehouse to FBA and correspondingly to the warehouses linked to MFN/FBA on TradeGecko. 

6. How does Price Sync work?

  • As long as the ‘Manage Variant Details’ on the Amazon settings page is set to TRUE, any changes to the TradeGecko variant’s price will be pushed to Amazon irregardless if the variant is Merchant-fulfilled or Amazon-fulfilled

7. My Amazon orders are not being pulled into my TG account. Why?

  • Make sure that ‘Active’ option on Amazon settings page is set to TRUE.
  • The SKUs of the variants in the Amazon order should be existing on TradeGecko
  • Check the error logs to see the reasons on why the Amazon order cannot be created in TradeGecko
  • (App Store > Amazon > Error logs)

8. I added a new product on my Amazon seller account. Will it be created in TradeGecko?

  • No. Amazon does not notify TradeGecko if there are new products added on your seller central account.
  • TradeGecko pulls your Amazon product only after you setup your integration. After that, you should manually create the variant in TradeGecko with the matching Amazon SKUs.
  • This means that you will have to create the variant/product in Amazon, and then create it on TradeGecko as well. That is two (2) times product creation, and SKUs have to match

9. Can I make TradeGecko push products/variants to my Amazon account?

  • No. Amazon has a very strict set of validations for adding new products which makes it hard to determine if your TradeGecko product can be created in Amazon.

10. Is Keep Selling Past 0 on TradeGecko, synced to Amazon?

  • No, it will not be. For MFN products both prices and stock levels are synced. For AFN products only prices are synced. 
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