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What Version of Magento do we support?

  • 1.9.x

What do I need to do before setting up TradeGecko-Magento to import my Magento store products into TradeGecko?

Before setting up your products from Magento into TradeGecko, ensure that:

  • All product SKUs are unique
  • All simple products only belong to one configurable product
  • All simple products have the following product attribute:
    • name (General)
    • sku (General)
    • description (General)
    • price (Prices)
    • qty (Inventory)
  • Under “System > Configuration”, then under “General > Web”, the base URL (secure/unsecure) is correctly set to the your website domain.
  • A TradeGecko XML/RPC SOAP user is created.

What do I need to do before publishing my TradeGecko inventory to my Magento store?

We recommend you do a few things to your inventory:

  • Perform a Stock Take of your entire inventory so Magento gets the correct stock levels.
  • Add Prices for all TradeGecko Variants you want on Magento.
  • Check that all of your Variants have SKUs.
  • If you have enabled Category Management, we recommend you update the Product Types on your Products.

How does TradeGecko match products from Magento if I choose to “Match My Products”?

Each variant SKU on your TradeGecko account will be searched for and linked to a Magento Product with the same SKU.

What happens when I choose to publish Product and Magento already has the SKU?

If you attempt to publish a variant from TradeGecko to Magento and the SKU already exist on Magento, the link will still be created without any duplicates on the Magento Store.

Can I set multiple price list for same Magento Channel but different Magento Store/Website?

Scenario: You have a single Magento server/installation (Single Magento Admin) and has set 2 websites within the Magento installation. You have set up a single TradeGecko-Magento Channel connected to Magento . You now require different price lists assigned to each website.

TradeGecko does not support setting multiple price lists for the same sales channel. If different price list are required, You will two install 2 separate Magento channels on TradeGekco.

Can I publish a TradeGecko Product as a Magento Configurable Product?

TradeGecko does not publish TradeGecko Products on Magento. TradeGecko only publishes variants as Magento simple products.

If you need to have a configurable product on your store after publishing multiple TradeGecko variants, go into your Magento Admin, create a configurable product and add the published simple products as associated products.

What Magento product attributes does TradeGecko import when I perform an import/match?

SKU, name, description, stock level, price, images.

What Magento product attributes does TradeGecko update to Magento when I update a published variant on TradeGecko?

Name, price, weight, stock level (if manage stock is enabled)

What happens when there’s an update of order status on Magento?

When an Magento order is ‘cancelled’ on Magento, TradeGecko will update the TradeGecko order status to ‘cancelled’.

When an Magento order is fully invoiced on Magento and the same TradeGecko order is not fully invoiced, TradeGecko will import the latest Magento Invoices.

When an Magento order is fully shipped/fulfilled on Magento and the same TradeGecko order is not fully fulfilled, TradeGecko will import the latest Magento Fulfilments.

Are Orders which are in Processing Stage in Magento,  imported into TradeGecko?

Processing Orders on Magento are imported into TradeGecko as “Finalized” orders. It might take a while for the sales order to sync but once it is done, you will receive an email from TradeGecko to notify you. 

The email will look something like this: 

Fun! Now you can ship your order directly by clicking on that button. 

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