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Setting up your Integration

If you have a running Magento store, we currently require you to export your inventory via CSV and import it using our TradeGecko inventory template.

If you are setting up your Magento store from scratch, then you should create products on your TradeGecko and they will be pushed to Magento if you set "Publish Online" to true. 

It is important to note that setting a TradeGecko Variant to Online will attempt to find a Magento Product with the same SKU. If it is unable to find a Magento Product it will create one.

What can the Integration manage on Magento?

Publishing a TradeGecko Variant to Magento will do a couple of things on your Magento store.

If it can find a Magento Product with the same SKU, it will just match them and only modify the Magento Product when the TradeGecko variant is updated.

If it cannot find a Variant, it will create a Magento Simple Product with the following attributes:

Updates to TradeGecko Variants will trigger an update on the corresponding Magento Product (if they have been connected). We can currently update the following attributes:

What we update in Magento is related to the settings you select in your Magento Integration. Any changes you wish to make on Magento will not be overwritten by TradeGecko unless they are both included in this list and you request we keep them up to date.

Explanation of Magento Attributes

  1. In format "[Product Name] - [Variant Name]" - If variant name exactly includes Product Name, format will just be "[Variant Name]".
  2. From nominated Price List - if price does not exist, no syncing will occur until a price is provided.
  3. Based off of the TradeGecko Variants Product "Product Type", defaults to "Default Category" if Manage Categories is disabled or no Product Type exists.
  4. Defaults to "No Description Provided.", if variant has no description as Magento requires a description.
  5. Defaults to first 255 characters of Description, as Magento requires a Short Description.
  6. Set as enabled, all Magento Products are visible in store once published.
  7. All Variants can be searched but do not appear in Magento Catalog.
  8. We don't modify weight, so please select appropriate units for your shipping provider.
  9. From selected location (If Manage Stock is selected on both Channel and Variant.)

It should be noted that the Manage Variant Details affects only updating of a Magento Product, creation requires all of this data. Manage Stock Details affects both creation and updating.

Error in publishing because no price is listed

Oops, you forgot to include a price specific to your Magento store. You can update this field by clicking on Variant> Details> Prices> [the name of the price list you added for Magento] and click "Save"! 

Try clicking "Publish to Magento" again and wait. This might take a little while but once it is done, the loading icon would be gone and you can see this new product in your Magento Admin Panel> Catalog> Manage Products. 


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