Magento Overview

Available Settings

We have provided a set of options for you to set the level of integration you want your TradeGecko and Magento services to maintain. Once you have integrated with Magento, you can find them here. These options are:

Stock Location

This can either be a specific warehouse, or all locations. All orders on Magento will be assigned to a selected warehouse and all stock levels will be managed out of that warehouse.

Price List

All Magento Products will be set and updated from this Price List. Orders that come from Magento are subject to Magento tiered pricing, so any custom pricing structures on Magento should be honoured in your TradeGecko orders.

Manage variant details

Currently, when manage variant details is selected, TradeGecko will update the description, name, price and weight of variants on Magento, if and when they are changed on TradeGecko.

Manage categories

If enabled, when TradeGecko publishes a variant in Magento, it will add it to a category on Magento. This category is set by the TradeGecko variant's product type.

TradeGecko does not use the same sort of category system as Magento, so we only encourage enabling this if you have a new Magento store. If unchecked, new Variants will be added to a "Default Category" category on Magento.

N.B. Even if a category already exists on Magento, unless it is a primary category, we will be forced to create a new one. 


Until your integration is set as active, orders will not be imported and Magento products should not receive any updates. You will be unable to publish to and remove variants from Magento.

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