Import & Update Products in Bulk- Errors & Troubleshooting

We have put together a list of the most common error messages and what you can do to fix them so that the upload will be successful.

Common Errors for both Bulk Product Import and Update:


How can I fix this error?

There are variants with missing SKU

SKU is required for all variants. To learn more about SKUs, click here

SKU must be unique to each variant

Each SKU and variant must have a 1:1 relationship. For example, if "SHIRT-RED-S" is already used for one variant, you cannot associate this to another variant. This is to ensure that the system recognises that particular variant, according to its SKU.

The SKU specified is already associated to another variant

SKU in the spreadsheet cannot be already associated to another existing variant within TradeGecko.

There are repeated Options

A product cannot have two of the same option label (for example, Size can only be used once within the same product, so if Size is used as option 1 label it cannot be used as option 2 label)

Options must be unique to each variant within a product

Within the same option, option value cannot be repeated. (for example, under option label Size, if Medium has been used in one row, it cannot be used again in a different row)

Missing Initial Cost Price

Initial Cost Price is required for all variants, for accounting purposes. To learn more about Initial Cost Price, click here

There are Options Value that do not belong to any Option Label

This is because there is an option value defined without an option label. For example, if we write "Small" in Option 3 Value column without defining a label in Option 3 Label column, then we will get this error.

Invalid Weight Unit

The accepted weight units for TradeGecko are: g, kg, lb, oz (ex: 10kg)

Invalid Volume Unit

The accepted volume units for TradeGecko is ml (ex: "10ml")

There are non-sellable variants which are marked to be published to B2B store

Variants that are not marked sellable (sellable = False in the spreadsheet) should not be marked as to be published to any ecommerce channel (published = true in spreadsheet), as they will be displayed to sell in the store.

Invalid Initial Cost Price

Initial Cost Price cannot be 0 or negative. For more details, click here

Unquoted fields do not allow \r or \n (line XXX)

Solution: Feed it to Google spreadsheets and then download the product sheet again. Should fix the formatting

Illegal Quoting in line xxx

Solution: Feed it to Google spreadsheets and then download the product sheet again. Should fix the formatting.

You can have only one CSV import running at a time

You tried to upload the product sheet multiple times while a previous upload was loading. The upload was stopped this time. The previous upload is still running.

PG::UniqueViolation: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "products_pkey" DETAIL: Key (id)=(1929587) already exists.

Does not happen often. Try uploading again. 


Additional CSV Update Errors


How can I fix this error?


The Variant does not exist. Create a new variant.


The Product does not exist. Create a new product.


SKU exists for another Variant. Ensure your SKUs are unique.


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  • Avatar
    Leon De Raaff

    Problems I'm encountering:

    • SKU's are replaced by completely random numbers upon import
    • Barcodes are replaced by completely random numbers upon import
    • The order of published products is different

    All the individual SKU's and barcodes are unique.

  • Avatar
    John Sexon

    Hi Leon,

    When importing your inventory CSV to TradeGecko, there's an Excel bug that treats the barcode column as numbers so it strips any leading zeros (when the CSV is exported out)

    Example 1: 000000000845 would be converted to 845

    Example 2: Some versions of Excel export barcode such as 1000000000 as 1e14

    There are also instances where the barcode numbers are embedded with comma delimiters. Moving forward, we are working on improving the improper formatting that's being added by Excel here.

    For a workaround: Before exporting the CSV from Excel, make sure that the barcode column data type is String.

    If you have any more questions feel free to contact us at

  • Avatar
    Razvan Anghelescu

    I have imported the inventory CSV, worked fine, but the Average Unit Cost was wrong (my input error). It doesn't seem I can manually change it, nor reload new cvs file over existing SKUs?