ShipStation- Integration Setup Guide

TradeGecko, inventory management software, integrates with ShipStation, shipping system, to form a marvelous cloud to cloud solution for further business operations efficiency and productivity. TradeGecko empowers businesses to gain inventory control and monitor stock levels while ShipStation makes order shipment and fulfilment pretty much effortless. Together, these two systems work to streamline backend processes and help you make better business decisions!

Take these 4 steps to become an operations guru:

Step 1: Authorize the connection

Visit and allow the integration to talk to your TradeGecko account.

Step 2: Create a new ShipStation Marketplace

1. In a separate tab, go to your ShipStation settings page

2. Click on the Connect a Store or Marketplace button.

3. Scroll down and select 'TradeGecko"

Step 3: Fill in the details

1. Copy the fields for "Username", "Password" and "URL" from the initial page into ShipStation

2. Click on "Test Connection" to make sure the details are correct

3. Leave the statuses as their defaults and click the Finish button.

Step 4: Configure your integration

1. Set "Store Name" to "TradeGecko"

2. Feel free to play around with the rest of the options, but it's safe to leave them as they are.


You're done

You should now see TradeGecko in your "Selling Channels" tab. Go into your ShipStation account, click on the "Refresh" icon from the top navigation bar and it will start pulling through the orders straight away.


ShipStation only pulls in Sales Orders once they have been finalised in TradeGecko.

Important Notes:

  • ShipStation doesn't allow partial quantities (i.e. 2.5 units) in order line items, so make sure that you use whole numbers when creating orders in TradeGecko that you want to ship via ShipStation.
  • Any discrepancies in Shipping cost between TradeGecko and ShipStation will be ignored, thus shipping costs should be fulfilled using the shipping costs in TradeGecko. Any discrepancies between the numbers will need to be manually handled by customers in their accounting. 
  • ShipStation requires a valid country code for shipping and billing addresses, the integration will attempt to map country names to country codes but if a valid mapping can't be found we will default the country to your TradeGecko account's default country.
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