Using Barcodes on TradeGecko

TradeGecko supports barcodes & barcode scanning within the web & mobile applications.

You simply need to generate your barcodes and input them into your TradeGecko account against your SKUs.

We require Barcode numbers to have at least 6 digits or more, otherwise, they are not guaranteed to work.

Then, every time you have to create a sales order/purchase order you can scan the barcode of the product to retrieve the product from TradeGecko instead of manually typing out the SKU.

Different ways you can use Barcodes:

To summarize, barcoding works with every search function on TradeGecko.

You must have a printer and scanner- printer to generate barcodes before you begin.

To add barcodes to your products you need to go into your Inventory, click the variant and then in the barcode entry field you need to scan in the barcode and save it. This means that the item has a barcode associated with it.

Using barcodes, you can search through your inventory for a specific product and scan items onto sales and purchase orders.


We work with any USB Barcode scanner and recommend the Bluetooth Socket Mobile barcode scanning product range. EAN13/ UPC Barcodes are recommended.

Find more about Socket Mobile barcode scanners.



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  • Avatar
    Billy Ono

    Does the barcode option work to receive items in Purchase Orders?

  • Avatar
    Cameron Priest

    Hey Billy - the scanners work for adding items to an order, searching & with the mobile iPhone & iPad apps.

    Could you explain further how you'd like to use it to receive items?



  • Avatar
    Billy Ono

    Hello Cameron, basically to change the "To Receive" field in the Purchase Order to the correct quantity received in the case the supplier made an error and shipped the wrong product or the wrong quantity.

  • Avatar
    Julian Stahl

    can you recommend a workflow for products that don't come with barcodes (generating barcodes and printing labels with barcode & price)?

    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Ryan Parrish

    What would be awesome would be able to use this in quarterly or yearly counts inventory counts

  • Avatar
    Chuck Handy Iii

    This would be great for inventory counts !

  • Avatar
    Amy Oden

    +1 for inventory count use

  • Avatar
    Ryan Parrish

    Cameron, I was reading this on the Zapier blog and was thinking that it would be awesome to be able to scan a barcode on a pack list and ship station would create a shipment for that order and if the barcode supported a scanner like this it is cheaper then the one you recommend

  • Avatar
    Phil Mitchell

    I actually built a system like trade gecko for my last business and we had this function and it saves so much time but most importantly takes out the human error element of receipting goods in. (assuming the factory/supplier has used the right barcodes) but also it showed any shortages or extras the supplier may have sent. This is critical to any business and makes a huge difference to the businesses inventory / bottom line. This feature must be added and soon!! I do not think it would be a difficult addition either. Added to this a pending / awaiting filter to help show any part shipped or part dispatched items /orders would be helpful to save time going through each and every PO.