Add or Change Prices of Your Products in Bulk

You can add or change prices (on one price list) to your inventory in two ways:

1. Using a price list importer to make changes in a single price list, or 
2. Making changes to multiple prices of a single variant

When you create a new price list, you need to add a price/cost for that price list to your products. In order to add prices for a number of SKUs at once, it is best to use the Price List CSV import.

Using the price list importer

The fastest way to add prices is through your price list. To use the importer (or exporter) check out this article. The steps are briefly described here:

1. Go to Settings> Price Lists 
2. Click on Import/Export Price List
3. Select the Price List you want to update. TradeGecko will prepare a CSV file for you to download. Click on the download link and open the CSV file (with Excel or similar spreadsheet software, preferably)
4. The CSV file that you download will have 5 columns:

VariantID - This is a unique product ID used within TradeGecko. Don't modify this column.
Product Name - The product the variant falls under. Don't modify this column.
Variant Name - The variant name. Don't modify this column.
SKU - The SKU of the particular variant. Don't modify this column.
Price - Use this column to add/modify prices for your variants, within the price list.

5. Once you have added/modified the prices, save the CSV file and upload the saved CSV file to TradeGecko
6. The price list is now updated! 

Making changes to multiple price lists for a single variant

1. Go to the product to which you want to add the new price/cost. Then, click on a variant for the product.
2. Under the details tab, you will find all the price lists that are available for the product. Edit the price/cost to the appropriate price list.

3. Save the changes! 

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    Tarek Shaer

    is there a way to hide certain products from certain costumers? maybe by taking that specific product off the individual price-list completely?

  • Avatar
    Tarek Shaer

    got it! if you don't assign a price to a certain product in a price list, it'll be unavailable to that customer. love it!

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    Cameron Priest

    Ha, awesome. Glad you sorted this one out!

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    Alberto Martini

    I already uploaded the inventory using the spreadsheet, is there any column in it that I could use as variant ID?