How to set up a new location


To add a new location:

  1. Select Settings, located towards the bottom of the main menu bar.

  2. Next, click on Locations from the Settings menu bar.

    This brings you to the My Company's Locations page, which shows all the locations created for your company.

  3. Click on the Add a New Location box.

    This should bring about the Add a New Location pop-up form.

  4. Fill up the Add a New Location form with the details of your location.

  5. Once you are done, click on the Add Location button, located towards the bottom right of the pop-up box.

    The new location is now added to your existing list of locations. You can now use this location to receive, store, and transfer goods.

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  • Avatar
    Bruce Brown

    We are a consignment business and it would be much nicer if you could add a check box to the customer profiles so each address has the option to be automatically entered as a warehouse as well as a customer address.

    Being a consignment business each customer address is also entered as a warehouse so we can track inventory. Currently we have to enter those addresses twice; once as a customer address and then again as a warehouse. This takes a lot of time setting up.

  • Avatar
    James Allen

    Agreed, having to enter details more than once is a pain. A simple relationship setup with check boxes for what categories you want them listed under would be much easier.

  • Avatar
    Philippe Coley

    Agreed. Anyone from TG looking at this?