Create a Composite Variant

To create a composite variant:


In Inventory, select the product you need to add a composite variant to. Then, select Add a Composite Variant.


Create the Variant as you normally would, then click the green Save button. You will then be taken to the Composition tab.


Click +Add Variant and search for a component. Select a variant to add, then adjust the quantity as needed.

If you'd like to remove a component, click the Trash button on the right-hand side.

When you're done adding the required variants click the Save Changes button.

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  • Avatar
    Derek Lyons

    Trade Gecko = Awesome!!
    Thanks guys, this was the last major thing on my wish list but I held off asking about it because you've been so responsive to my other requests. Didn't want to stretch the friendship :-)
    Didn't have to ask, you've done it anyway....great work, thankyou!

  • Avatar
    Cameron Priest

    No problem dude, and please ask away, we love the feedback and we make a point of using customer feedback to help us prioritise our development pipeline.

  • Avatar
    Mark Felling

    Great to see you guys making progress! It is not entirely clear, but can a top level product,not just a variant, be a kit made up of other SKUs which are only removed from inventory when shipped? Similarly, can this functionality on a top-level product be applied to a bill of materials (BOM)? You mentioned something about a variant bundle described in this way made up of various components SKUs which are not sold separately but assembled/manufactured into a finished product SKU which has its own inventory tracked?

  • Avatar
    Cameron Priest

    Hi Mark!

    At this stage a Variant is a SKU and is the only thing that can be made up of composites.

    The other function around Assembly or Production - ie., running a production run is something that will come in the not so distant future.

    Appreciate the feedback!


  • Avatar
    Patrick Bensamou

    Hi Cameron, do you have an idea of how long the "not so distant future" will be? Will this still be this year?

  • Avatar
    Tarek Shaer Tarek Shaer

    loving where this is going!! it is "only" working for companies that build to order - as far as our testing goes. the system at the moment can't distinguish between "already finished products" and "products that still can be produced". correct me if i am wrong please...

  • Avatar
    Cameron Priest

    Hey Tarek,

    At this stage you're right, a composite product is focused on customers that build to order. We do have companies using stock adjustments to run manufacturing / production which is one option, however we will look at building out our production functionality further in the future,