Create a Stock Transfer

Transferring stock between locations is made very simple in TradeGecko.


To transfer stock:

Select Stock Control from the main menu bar.

Click on Stock Transfer, located towards the right of the Stock Control bar.

This brings us to the New Stock Transfer page.

Select the location you want to move stock from. Click on Select Location, under Source.

This gives us a list of addresses from which we can choose to move stock from. Choose one of these addresses as your 'source location'.

Right next to this, you can select the location you want to move the stock to. Click on the Select Location box under Destination.

This brings a drop down menu of the destination locations you can pick from. Choose the address you want as your 'destination location'.

Next you choose the stock that you want to move. Search for the stock, either by name or by its SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

Select the stock you want to move.

Enter the quantity of stock that you want to move, in the Quantity field.

If need be, another item can be added to the stock transfer table by clicking on Add another item.

And the Stock Transfer form is complete. Click on the Create button at the bottom of the page to save the form.

This should bring you to a new page with the final form. The stock transfer is now 'Active' and is ready to be received at your 'destination location'.

 Your inventory levels will not update until the goods are 'received' at the destination.

If you wish to edit a stock transfer, click here to find out how to do so.

To create a stock transfer for batch tracked products, read this article for more details. 

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