Xero Overview

Xero is a beautiful cloud based accounting system that complements TradeGecko’s inventory management solution. 

The integration allows Small to Medium sized businesses to now link invoices, stock and customer data automatically, eliminating the manual data entry that wastes time and often introduces errors between separate IT systems. The connection between Xero and TradeGecko cloud based services will facilitate an end to end solution that streamlines businesses, improving administrative efficiencies and eliminating double handling errors.

How does the TradeGecko and Xero integration work?

We automatically push and manage the integration of your inventory, purchasing, stock control, online and offline sales (wholesale, retail) with your Xero accounting software so that you can spend time growing your business.

Firstly, connect your TradeGecko account to Xero using the helpful Xero integration set-up guide.

Sales Orders

When an invoice is created for a Sales Order (i.e when the order is finalized) it gets pushed to Xero as an Accounts Receivable invoice in your Sales account.

Purchase Orders

When a Purchase order is created (i.e. when the order is set to active) it gets pushed to Xero as an Accounts Payable Bill in your Purchases Account.

Stock On Hand/ Cost of Goods Sold

We send a daily update to Xero of any changes in your Stock on Hand and Cost of Goods Sold combining all changes via Sales Order fulfillments, Purchase Order receipting and manual stock adjustments.

Updating Sales/Purchase Orders

Updating an Order on TradeGecko will push the changes to Xero, however if you make changes on Xero, TradeGecko will not be notified and may possibly overwrite the changes in the future. For the best results, make all changes on TradeGecko.

Payments on Sales Orders

For every order made in TradeGecko marked as paid, the same order will also be marked as paid in Xero.

Failed Exports

An audit trail of all documents exported to Xero is available, allowing you to retry any existing or failed document export.

Removing Orders

Deleting or voiding a Sales or Purchase Order on TradeGecko will also delete/void the appropriate invoices (both AP/AR and Assets accounts) on Xero.

By default, all transaction (e.g. invoices, bills, stock journals and credit note) will sync to XERO as Awaiting Approval. The values will only move to the specified ledger accounts after you approve them.
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