Managing Consignment Locations

TradeGecko makes managing your consignment locations easy and super intuitive. By using multiple locations for your consignments you can easily track and replenish your stock across your consignments.

In this article, you will find: 

Creating a location for your consignment

Learn how to create a new consignment location here.

This new location is used to receive and keep hold of all your consignment products. Once you have created the location, you can move stock to it.

Moving items to your consignment

The next thing we need to do is transfer stock to the location. Create a Stock Transfer to move your stock to the consignment location.

You can now begin to sell from your consignment location. 

Your consignment location is still treated as Stock On Hand in TradeGecko. There are various ways you can manage your consignment locations on TradeGecko depending on the workflows your business use. An example is by doing a monthly/weekly stock transfer, followed by creating a sales order (or sales quote in Draft mode) to account for sold stock on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. 

Creating a sales order from your consignment location

Once you have sold stock from your consignment location, you can create sales order to keep track of sales.

1. Create a new Sales Order from the Sales Orders page. In the sales order enter the Consignment location as the 'Ship from' location.

We recommend using a generic consignment customer to account for consignee sales. This is great as it helps you keep track of the sales made from the consignment.

2. Enter the items that have been sold at the consignment into the sales order

3. Click on Create, and you're done! The sales order has been created and the sales at your consignment have been accounted for.

Keeping track of the stock at your consignment

With TradeGecko, checking what stock is available at your consignment is very easy. 

1. Click on Location Report from the Intelligence tab.

2. Choose the location as the consignment location you want to look up. You can use the extra filters to zero in on the product of your choice.

The report should now display the stock available at your consignment location.

Alternatively, you can choose to upload a Stock on Hand report via CSV, complete with reorder points, to keep track of the stock at your consignment location. Depending on your business needs and operation workflows, different strategies can be used to optimise how you can manage your consignment locations on TradeGecko. 

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  • Avatar
    Peter Wilson

    Management of Consignment Stock by creating a seperate Location seems like a good idea but it is flawed with the current TG programming .

    If you use Shopify, it doesnt take its stock levels from a specific TG location , rather across all locations, so the stock you have placed on consignment will be shown as available stockt to sell in your shopify store.

    We need the ability to choose the locations from which Shopify reads its stock.....

  • Avatar
    Tarek Shaer Tarek Shaer

    i wanna 2nd that!

  • Avatar
    Tarek Shaer Tarek Shaer

    is this something that will be fixed/possible in the future within TG?
    (the possibility to link shopify with one specific loaction in TG)
    if yes, is there a roadmap for it? thanks!

  • Avatar
    Amr Radhwi

    I really looking for your answer to Tarek & Peter .....

  • Avatar
    Tarek Shaer Tarek Shaer


  • Avatar
    Jerry Jariwalla

    why do these questions get ignored?

  • Avatar
    Yuh Wen Foong

    Dear all,

    Good news! You can now specify the location in which your Shopify products are coming from. :)


  • Avatar
    Joseph Lam

    If one were to consign some stock to a retailer, after making a stock transfer, we would also require to send them some kind of delivery note to sign for when stock arrives at their place. May I ask if this is possible ?

  • Avatar
    Joseph Lam

    When we consign stock to retailers, we also need to give them the price and % discount on the delivery note, is this possible ? because in the system, it merely conducting a stock transfer between two locations, but in a real scenario, we are making a delivery note with Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and the percentage discount offer to retailers.

    Please advice if this is possible

  • Avatar
    Kristel Gonzales

    Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for posting your query here. For this need in which you have to show the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and discount for retailers in stock transfers, there is currently no supporting function within the Stock Transfer capabilities to do this. If you intend to show the cost of the product, you definitely can select "Internal Stock transfer" over "External Stock transfer". But since cost is not crucial matter for the case you gave, these functions may be for future consideration. Another way to indicate the RRP and discount is through the notes section of the stock transfer.

    Do let us know if you want us to look into specifics, we'll be on standby for your insights. Thank you!