Import Products in Bulk

To import new products in bulk, navigate to Inventory, then click the Bulk Manage button and select Import New Products.


You will be redirected to the following screen where you will be able to select between Importing an existing CSV or Generate a new Product Spreadsheet Template:


If you do not currently have a CSV file, you'll need to select the I need a product spreadsheet template. You will then be prompted to select between Importing Products with multiple options or Products without any options.


After making a selection that best suits your needs, you'll be directed to the attribute selection screen.

From here, select the attributes you would like added to your CSV file. Be sure to add Price List and Sales Channel options if needed. 

There are a few mandatory attributes that are grayed out and cannot be unchecked. 


Once done, click the Build Product Template button, then when displayed click the Download Product Sheet button to download the CSV file. If you'd like to select other attributes or start over, select the Re-build Product Sheet option.

You can find more information on each attribute in this article.

The Initial Cost and initial stock level columns are very important. Both are used to determine the Moving Average Cost (MAC) of your product. If left blank, the system will default the MAC to 0, which means that the Cost of Goods Sold will be calculated incorrectly once Sales Orders are created. Intelligence reports will also be affected as the correct profits will not be reflected. 

Once you have edited in the required data in the downloaded CSV file, you'll need to upload the product sheet. 

Encoding your CSV files with UTF-8 to help prevent errors
If you use non-english or special characters within your CSV files, using the UTF-8 format will help to prevent processing errors when uploading to TradeGecko
Please refer to this article for guidance on how-to encode your CSV files using the UTF-8 format.

To upload your edited product sheet, select the Upload filled CSV button that's displayed after downloading the file in the previous step:


If you previously downloaded a product sheet from TradeGecko and have now added products and variants, from the initial selection screen, select the I have a spreadsheet with product data ready to upload option.

You'll be presented with the following screen:


Either click the Choose File option and select your file or drag the file into the green box. Then click the Upload button. Once uploaded you can preview and confirm the import.

Alternatively, if you are uploading an existing spreadsheet that was exported from another platform, you'll need to match your spreadsheet’s column headings to the relevant product attributes on TradeGecko.


All required fields must match the columns on your spreadsheet. Select Continue to move forward to the Preview and Confirm Import page to confirm the Products/SKUs being imported along with a preview of your Columns.


Click on Import Data to continue and finalize the import. 

If you encounter any errors, please click here for a guide on how to fix the errors. 

The time it takes to complete processing the Product Import CSV depends on the number of items being imported. Once finished, you will receive a confirmation message that the products were successfully imported.



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