TradeGecko's API

TradeGecko API enables you to create powerful integrations for various use cases. For example, you can integrate your eCommerce Stores with TradeGecko, customize your Fulfillment Workflows with your 3PL/Warehouse Management Service, and much more!

In this guide:

  • Build a public app
  • Build a private app
  • Our APIs
  • TradeGecko App Store
  • Where to get help

Build an App

Build public apps for over 200,000 merchants. Get inspired by checking out the TradeGecko App store. You can see how to make your first API calls within minutes using a test account. Check out our API guides for common use case here (click on the link):

Build a Private App

With the use of TradeGecko's Private API Token, you can build a direct integration for a merchant account (within TradeGecko) for your own team. For merchants who are on the Business Plan and above, TradeGecko offers the API access for a one-off use case.

If you want to publish your app on TradeGecko’s App Store, you must use OAuth flow for authentication.

Our APIs

TradeGecko provides a powerful suite of APIs and tools to help you every step of the way. Build exactly what you need with flexible APIs and webhooks.

TradeGecko App Store

The TradeGecko App Store provides you with everything needed from running your app, finding customers, and having a well connected solution.


All apps listed on the TradeGecko App Store are required to be reviewed by the TradeGecko Partner team. The TradeGecko Partner team provides an integrated support cycle to enable technology partners and ensures the best merchant experience is provided for shared customers, which allows you to receive an additional stream of revenue for the partner’s solution.

TradeGecko Partners receive a 20% on-going revenue share for a referral lead to TradeGecko, free App Store listing, and 200% bounty.

To learn more about the Partner program, see how to become a partner.

Listing in the App Store

When you’re ready to publish your app, please review the steps required to submit to the TradeGecko App Store. Please be sure to review and follow the checklist of requirements, success guidelines, writing strategies for your listing, and other information for the submission. 

To learn more about the requirements of listing on TradeGecko's App Store, please contact

Where to get help

  • Our Developer Community is the place to get help from the TradeGecko API team and other developers.
  • For tutorials, news, and more, please check out our Developer Blog by clicking here.
  • Start a conversation with our developer advocates by sending us an email at 


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