Set up new currency


To add a new currency, click on Add A New Currency

This opens a dialog box. In the dialog box enter the name of the currency, its ISO code, the currency symbol you want to use, and the exchange rate.

You can choose to pull in the current exchange rate(from by clicking on the refresh symbol.

Prices can always be adjusted later for Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.

Once you're done, entering the currency details, click Create. 

Success! You have now created a new currency.

If you are unsure which currency to use as your base currency, here's something to help you: 

Fundamentally your base currency should be the currency you conduct your accounting in. For this reason, most American companies would choose the US Dollar as their base currency. Similarly, Singaporean companies would pick the Singapore Dollar.

TradeGecko allows you to conduct Sales and Purchases in multiple currencies. However, at the end of the day all transactions are converted to the base currency.

For Sales Orders this conversion is done when you fulfil the order (or on each partial fulfilment). For Purchase Orders it is done when you receive the order (or on each partial receipt).

Here are 3 tips to help you decide what your base currency should be.

  1. Are you running most of the business in a single currency (buying/warehousing) and just selling in multiple currencies? Use this currency.
  2. Is your TradeGecko account connected to your accounting platform (i.e Xero Accounting)? 99% of the time you'll want to use the same currency in both systems.
  3. Which currency do most of your transactions take place in? That's your base currency.

To learn how to select your base currency, click here. 

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