Do a stocktake using barcode scanner


You can do a stocktake manually or with a barcode scanner. After selecting the location to do a stocktake, select the barcode scanning, make sure your barcode scanner is connected and you can start scanning.

Scan the barcode on your product variants. If the barcode exists in your TradeGecko inventory, each scan will register as a quantity of 1. You can choose to scan multiple times on the same product to increase the quantity, or manually edit the quantity of the product variant while in barcode scanning mode. If you scan the same barcode again after editing manually, it would continue counting from the value you entered.

If the barcode does not exist in your TradeGecko inventory, it will show an error - barcode is not found. It will not appear on your summary page.

Barcode scanning to manual stocktake

You can switch from barcode scanning mode to manual stocktake mode by clicking on ‘Manual stocktake’. You can continue doing a stocktake without losing any information.

The Stock on Hand value includes the amount of Stock Available and Stock Committed.

When you go to ‘View Summary’, it will show you the edits you made on both the manual stocktake (if any) and barcode scanning.

Check that the quantities are accurate and ‘Finalise stocktake’. Your changes have been successfully recorded and can be viewed as a stock adjustment (Stock control> stock adjustment).

To learn how to use barcodes in TradeGecko, click here.

If you wish to set up your socket mobile barcode scanner on your iPad, click here .

I have connected my barcode scanner to my mobile device (e.g. iPad, iPhone) but it does not work for stocktake, why is this so?

Our stocktake tool works on a web browser and follows the keyboard mode, a different mode from what allows the scanner to work for our iOS App. To use barcode scanner for stocktake tool, simply reset the scanner to the correct mode according to this article whereas if you want to use barcode scanner for the iOS app or your Mac, reset it accordingly as described in this article.

We limit the minimum number of barcode characters to 6. This is to prevent false identification of barcodes.
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