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user permission

User Permissions and Advanced permissions let you determine which pages your team members are allowed to access. Setting up various user permissions may be useful if your users are in competition for sales or if you have different teams with different responsibilities accessing your account.

Basic User Permissions are available to all customers .

There are three basic access controls that you can apply to users.

  1. Read Only - Allows the user to view a page but not to make any changes.
  2. Read & Write - Allows the user to view, create, edit and delete information on selected pages.
  3. No access - As the name implies, prevents the user from viewing or editing those pages.

The permissions applied to a user affect the pages that they can view or edit. For example, if you selected Read Only for Stock Control, the user will not be able to create any action (Stocktake, Stock transfer, Stock adjustment and Purchase orders). They will only have access to view but not create or edit. This user permission applies to all aspects of the section - there is no way to allow the user to use Stocktake tool with no access to Purchase orders - as both Stocktake tool and Purchase orders are under the Stock Control section. 

These are the pages that you can set restrictions for.

  1. Inventory
  2. Relationships
  3. Sales Orders
  4. Stock Control
  5. Intelligence
  6. Settings
If you would like to enable your team members to be able create sales orders on your mobile sales app, please ensure that you set their User Permissions to reflect the following on your main account.
  1. Sales Orders - Read & Write
  2. Relationships - Read & Write
  3. Inventory - Read
  4. Settings - Read

Next, learn about advanced user permissions

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