How to Edit Variant Details

1. Go to the Inventory section of your main app.

2. Select the variant you wish to edit. The variant details will be displayed like this: 

3. You can view and edit variant details by clicking on the tabs on the left hand side - Details, Images, Stock locations, Sales channels and History. 

Edit variant details, make your desired changes and click 'Save'. 

The following fields are editable on this page. 

Details - Name, SKU, Barcode, Supplier Code, Sellable, Purchasable, Taxable, Price lists, Color, Weight, Default Sales account, Notes, Manage stock level, Maximum online stock for eCommerce options, Minimum order quantity, Keep selling past 0. 

Images - you can add an image , change an image by uploading an alternative or select from previously uploaded images. 

Stock location - checking current stock levels at each location, edit reorder points for each location or remove bin locations for a variant in a specific location. 

Sales channel - publish or unpublish variants to your eCommerce store here.

History - this tab shows you a record of all the actions done on TradeGecko pertaining to this variant, including the date and time of the action. e.g. Fulfilled 20 in #SO0048 for Climb Meowt from Warehouse by Sue-Ann Seet

When you disable 'Manage Stock', TradeGecko will also stop tracking sales as MAC is no longer managed for this product. This will have an impact on your sales reports. Do consider clearly if you wish to 'Manage Stock' to hide stock levels or to stop tracking stock and sales. If you wish to hide stock levels on your sales channels, we suggest you try to do so on your sales channels directly.
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