Frequently Asked Questions

Batch tracking with composite variants Batch & Expiry Tracking will not be compatible with composite variants as the nature of the workflow impedes tracking currently done. 
Batch tracking with pack sizes Batch & Expiry Tracking is not currently compatible with pack sizes.
Can I do a stocktake on batched products? Yes, our stocktake tool supports batch tracked variants, to find out how, click here
Can a batch be assigned when I create a sales order? Yes, you can now assign batches during the creation of the sales order. Click here to find out more.
Can a product/variant be both batch tracked and serial number tracked? No, batch tracking and serial number tracking are mutually exclusive. It can only be batch tracked or serial number tracked.
Can two products have the same batch number? Yes, batch numbers are only unique within the same product or variant.
Can you have more than one expiration date per batch? No, but you may have multiple expiry dates per product or variant of course.
Can you turn a batch tracked product back into a normal product? You may only do so if there are no batch numbers associated to the product or variant.
How many characters can a batch ID have? There is no limit on the number of characters a Batch ID could have.
Will BESN support FIFO accounting? BESN will certainly help you fulfill your orders in a FIFO or FEFO (first expiry) logic however for accounting it will continue to use MAC as the costing standard.
How can we disable Batch Track on products which have past stock trail? Please contact us for this request as it can only be done backend. Note: To disable Batch Tracking would mean removing any past stock trails, stock batches and stock trail reservations.


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