Fulfilling sales orders with batch tracked inventory


If you have previously reserved batches for a particular sales order, TradeGecko will use the batches assigned earlier to pack the shipment. To learn how you can do so, click here

For sales orders that are in the Finalised stage, you will be able assign batches to pack and ship individually and in bulk

For individual sales orders

You can manually create your shipment or click 'Pack All' for TradeGecko to select the best available stock for your sales order. 

Pack Manually

After selecting your desired quantity to pack, you can select a particular batch of stock and assign to this sales order OR you can click 'Auto Pick' for the system to generate the best available batch of stock. 


Pack All 

By clicking 'Pack All', TradeGecko will auto pick the best available stock for this sales order. 

You can now reserve batches by assigning them to a sales order before finalizing. Learn how to do so here

You can view the batch information in the sales order (BX001 is the Batch ID, shown in the above image). 

The auto selection criteria selects products that will expire first. If you have not set up expiration dates for your products, it will use the products that have a earliest received dates in their respective purchase orders. 

Once you ship the sales order you will see the batch information in the shipment. You can also view the sales order by going to Inventory, in the Batches section of the app, under that particular batch.

For packing or shipping sales orders in bulk

Now, you can select multiple sales orders to pack and or ship in bulk. Go to your sales order page and select the sales orders you wish to pack or ship in bulk by checking the box. Click on the 'Bulk Actions' drop down and you will be able to select Pack or Ship. 


Only for sales orders with batch tracked products, you will see the following prompt. 


This follows the same flow as using the 'Pack All' or autopick feature.


The shipments will be created for the sales orders selected. Click to 'Proceed'. 


The shipments have been successfully created. You can click into each shipment to see the details, including the batch information. 


You have packed this shipment with batch B0001 and it is ready to be shipped. 

For sales orders that are not batch tracked, follow the steps as you normally would to create your sales order.

To learn how to create a return for batch tracked inventory, click here

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