Update existing products via csv


To update your products, go to Inventory> Update Existing Products.

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Download the spreadsheet of your products. You can either download the spreadsheet from the app or choose an existing spreadsheet from your device.

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You can open the file in any spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. If you are choosing a spreadsheet from your device, ensure that the column headings match those of the spreadsheet that we provide. If the column headings do not match the ones that TradeGecko recognises, we will not locate and update the product.

If you wish to update multiple price lists via csv, learn how to do so from this article


You can also filter your products by product type in the Excel spreadsheet as shown above. 

Once you have made the desired changes to your products, click continue and upload the modified spreadsheet.

TradeGecko recommends that you download the system generated spreadsheet of your Stock on Hand Report whenever you Update Existing Products, as this ensures that the information is up to date according to your inventory.

However, if you wish to upload your own spreadsheet, please ensure the following:
1. SKUs must be unique for both standalone products and variants.
2. If you are not using Microsoft Excel, please export the completed template to .csv or Excel format before uploading it.

If there is an error in your update, you will be able to download the error spreadsheet. Follow the error message and make the necessary changes, then re-upload your document.

You cannot edit stock levels when you update via .csv. Instead, you need to edit your product variant details under Inventory> Variant> click on desired variant and edit details, or import new products or do a stock take

Click ‘Yes, Upload these products’.

Reload the page and your inventory will be updated.

To import new products, follow the instructions on this article

If you are located in the EU, you may face an error when you export csv from TradeGecko and open in Excel. This is because Excel in the EU searches for semicolons whereas in Singapore and other regions, Excel searches for commas. Pro tip: on Excel, format the commas to semicolons or vice versa depending on your needs.
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