Setting up your domain with Bluehost

Custom Domains are available to customers subscribed to the Business plan and above (on new pricing plans).

If you have bought your domain from Bluehost, you must configure your DNS settings to point the domain to

Before you configure your DNS settings on Bluehost, you should have already added your custom subdomain to your TradeGecko B2B eCommerce store. You should familiarise yourself with the general instructions for modifying your DNS settings.

Configuring your DNS settings with Bluehost

1. Log in to your c-panel on Bluehost

To setup a new subdomain:
2. Click on Subdomains on the menu bar
3. In the Hostname field, enter the subdomain you want to configure. An example would be the store subdomain.
4. Click Create.

To add a CNAME record:
5. Go to DNS Zone Editor on the menu bar
6. Under Zone File Records, scroll down to the heading named Add DNS Record.
7. In the Host record field, enter the Hostname you have been provided with.
8. Leave the TTL field at its default setting
9. Under Type, select CNAME
10. In the Points To field, enter your complete TradeGecko B2B eCommerce store URL (
11. Click Add Record.

To add a TXT record:
12. Similar to adding a CNAME record, click Add DNS Record
13. In the Host record field, enter the Hostname that you have been provided with.
14. Leave the TTL field at its default setting
15. Under Type, select TXT
16. In the Points To field, input the TXT record that you have been provided with on TradeGecko.
17. Click Add Record.

For further support on Bluehost, you can check our their support articles on:
Modifying DNS records on Bluehost or watch a video tutorial on how to modify CNAME record on Bluehost. 

Once you have added your custom domain to TradeGecko and configured the settings on your third-party domain provider, it can take up to 48 hours to take effect. In the meantime, you can use your store URL to access your B2B eCommerce store.
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